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Why should you invest in a professional managing agent?

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We offer a professional and proactive block management service, we have many years’ experience and know that having your Block Managed professional is essential. We are representing you, our client, and take this responsibility seriously.


The Property Fusion team have been around the ‘block’ for a long time now and we understand that we are dealing with problems. Doing so in a friendly manner will aid to a quick and satisfactory resolution in times were emotions can be running high.


Our ethos of thinking outside the block runs through all we do. All the team ask themselves ‘Would I be happy with this solution or outcome?’ If the answer is no, we simply do not recommend this to our clients. We will look for a solution that we ourselves would be happy with, and we are very hard to please.


We pride ourselves on offering a Block Management service across the UK to the highest of integrity. We value the opportunity given to us to look after people’s homes and know that with clear, honest and experienced advice we do so to the best of our ability.

Lucy Dawe



The number of disputes across the country over service charges is rising fast, with the last official tribunal figures showing a 25% increase in cases. Contracting an experienced, proactive block management agent is the first step to ensuring your block is managed brilliantly. Speak to the Property Fusion team today to find out more. Lucy Dawe – Managing Director 

Additional Services

Specification, tendering, running and supervision of larger maintenance and repair contracts. (Typically where a S 20 of the Landlord and Tenant Act 1985 applies – competitive tendering, notices and supervisions etc).

Processing building insurance claims

Advise and assist a building through the Right to Management process

Storage of company legal documents

Dealing with any matters arising out of defects with Leases, and/or Deeds of Variation to Leases.

Advising and attend a LVT hearing

Formation of Limited Companies, amendment of Articles of Association, change of company name

Administration costs incurred in connection with disputed matters which become protracted or involved – by agreement with Client Company

Supplementary meetings

Professional fees of surveyors, engineers, architects, accountants etc instructed by agreement of the client company, (these cost being treated as expenditure items against service charge fund).

Responding to enquiries from solicitors at the time of sale or re-mortgage of flats

Receiving and processing notices of assignments/mortgage/charge

Processing and grant of Landlords Authorisations (for alterations etc).

Undertaking proceedings for the recovery of unpaid service charge of ground rent

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